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The Goat Heads Back to Wrigley; Izard Singing During 7th Inning Stretch Tonight

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The goat is heading back to Wrigley. Fortunately for the Cubs, it's not the supposed curse of the Billy Goat, rather the Girl & The Goat. Stephanie Izard has been invited to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch—and she plans to wear a homemade T-shirt that calls out the "F**k the Goat!" T-shirts some of the Cubs players wore in June.

Last month, a number of Cubs players donned the T-shirts recalling the infamous curse of the goat placed on the team in 1945 after the owner of the Billy Goat Tavern was asked to leave the stadium when his goat's stench offended other fans. People starting questioning (as a joke) whether the shirts referred to Izard's restaurant and Cubs manager Mike Quade even said he didn't know about the curse and thought the expletive was directed at the restaurant.

Regardless, Izard will be warming up her voice all day (and you may want to bring earplugs; word is her cooking is far superior to her singing) and who knows, maybe having a new goat actually invited into the Friendly Confines will finally break the curse.

Izard will wear a homemade goat shirt [Photo: Sports Grind Entertainment]

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