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Paul Virant, Chris Pandel to Duke it Out in new Quick Fire Competition Series

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Paul Virant and Chris Pandel

In what looks like a little Top Chef/Iron Chef action coming to Chicago, the Boka Restaurant Group is introducing a fun, new cooking challenge at Perennial Virant. The Quick Fire Competition Series will kick off on July 25 on the restaurant's patio and see two chefs—in this case Perennial Virant's namesake Paul Virant and Chris Pandel (Bristol, Balena)—go head to head in a cook off.

The chefs will each have their own hardwood grill and be given three mystery meats provided by Dietzler Farms along with two additional ingredients. The first 100 people to respond via email or call 312-981-7070 will get to not only attend the bash, eat the food and drink a seasonal cocktail created by Matty Eggleston, but will also act as judges for the night. The winner announced that night will walk away with bragging rights and get to cheer on the next competitors, who will also be revealed that evening.

Perennial Virant

1800 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614 312 981 7070 Visit Website

Perennial Virant

1800 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL