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Paris Chef Smack Talks Chicago

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You've heard about cocky chefs, but this guy takes it to a whole new level. Illinois native Daniel Rose of Daniel-Rose-sm.jpgSpring restaurant in Paris, talks to Eater National about his experience, during which he spent all of one day each at North Pond and Tru (of which he says was "awful" and "just wasn't interesting), goes on to say he left Chicago after just two weeks for Guatemala because "there's no notion of seasonality" here. Rose, who is returning to Chicago to visit family soon, was told to eat at "this restaurant from Grant Achatz," but likely will just barbecue with family and that "I won't ever regret not going to that restaurant." You sure he's actually not from Paris? [~E~]

Daniel Rose [Photo: Gabe Ulla/]


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North Pond

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