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Greenbush Brewing Opens; Collaborates with Izard and Grant

Danny Grant and his wife talking beer with Scott Sullivan of Greenbush
Danny Grant and his wife talking beer with Scott Sullivan of Greenbush
Photo: Greenbush Brewing

Greenbush Brewing Company, located in Sawyer, MI (about 90 miles outside Chicago) recently opened their tap room and brewery for tours. They currently sell beer on tap, small batch brews and growlers onsite, and they began distribution in Michigan just a few weeks ago. If 90 miles seems too far to travel, you soon will be able to get Greenbush beers in very specific places in Chicago. In the brewery's short tenure, owner Scott Sullivan has already formed relationships with a few local chefs and plans to bring his beer to Chicago in a very modest and controlled way, through specific collaborations with chefs and restaurants.

One of those beloved chefs is Stephanie Izard who is pairing up with Greenbush Brewing on July 30 for a charity farm dinner at Seedling Farm and Orchard that Izard is cooking at. They are collaborating on a specific beer for the dinner, most likely a blueberry wit made with blueberries from the farm. Following the dinner, Izard will head to Greenbush to brew another beer with the blueberries, possibly a blueberry sour, that will be batched and served at Girl & The Goat.

On September 8, Balsan will be hosting a beer dinner with Greenbush. Chef Danny Grant visited the brewery a few weeks ago and brewed a malty Belgian Pale Ale to pair specifically with seafood. This will be a continuation of the beer dinner series they started with Two Brothers last fall.

Greenbush also has plans to collaborate with Justin White from Small Bar who was the chef at Soe Cafe, a restaurant close to the brewery, before he moved back to Chicago. They will also be at the Green City Market BBQ on July 21. As for other locations, "we are trying to keep it to places we love and want to be in" Sullivan says, "so if Kuma's wants us, they get us."

Girl & the Goat

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