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Tamarkin Respects Roots; Kramer Unimpressed by Porkchop; Bruno Digs Chicago Cut

David Tamarkin thinks Quad Cities-style pizza can actually be successful outside of the Quad Cities. He believes part of this is that Roots Handmade Pizza pays attention to the details with the "crumbly and aggressively seasoned and made in-house" sausage and the mozzarella sticks "stuffed with cheese the restaurant pulls itself." He appreciates the "crunchy, accomplished salads" and the "Midwestern beers organized by state." Although, the restaurant from the "outside seems as fratty and obnoxious as the Fifty/50," this "bro bar" puts out "quality food." [TOC]

Julia Kramer finds the mission statement of Porkchop ironic. Although the menu touts that it "couldn’t care less about overpriced drinks and ill-fitting food trends" it focuses on "whiskey and pork, two ingredients whose trendiness has been blown to such proportions." The whiskey selection is "decent" and is way better than " the watery, sweet and kind of sad Dark & Stormy, or the Manhattan that comes with a maraschino wrapped in damp bacon." As for food, she finds the shrimp cocktail "a fair way to proceed" and the BLT "a very satisfying sandwich." Parts of the pork chop, unfortunately "inside were rendered sinewy and tough." [TOC]

It was clear to Pat Bruno upon arriving at Chicago Cut Steakhouse that "hospitality reigned supreme."
The burrata and tomatoes he describes as a "symphony of red and white glazed with a tangy balsamic glaze that played beautifully on the palate," and the seabass as "simple yet sensational." The bone-in ribeye was a "fine hunk of beef" and the side of grilled asparagus was "spot on." The desserts, as well, "held up their end of the menu." [Sun Times]

Chicago Cut Steakhouse

300 North LaSalle Drive, , IL 60654 (312) 329-1800 Visit Website

Roots Handmade Pizza

1924 West Chicago Avenue, , IL 60622 (773) 645-4949 Visit Website