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Steve Dolinsky Shutting Down WBEZ Food Blog

After 18 months of daily blogging about the Chicago food scene, Steve Dolinsky is signing off—at least from WBEZ. The Hungry Hound launched a blog at a year and a half ago and eventually moved it over to WBEZ. He chronicled things we should eat at restaurants all over Chicago and brought us lists talking about his top 5 favorite things in various categories from best salads and margaritas to top Chinese restaurants and the scariest places for food service.

While we'll miss his top 5 lists, maintaining a daily blog while having a full-time job, a consulting biz and family isn't easy. Dolinsky is taking the summer off from blogging and will get back into the game after Labor Day when he re-launches his own personal site. Until then, we'll just have to razz him on Twitter when we see his picture in random restaurants around the city.
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Steve Dolinsky [Photo: Grub Street]