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Brandon Baltzley's Road to Rehab ... and Recovery

Drug addiction is not easy for anyone for anyone associated with an addict. Admitting you have a problem may be even harder. But after losing the job of a lifetime, Brandon Baltzley faced the music and went to rehab to kick an addiction to cocaine abuse.

In today's Tribune, Kevin Pang gives readers a glimpse into what led Baltzley to his current state, shows how drugs took over his life and explores the most important relationships in his life. During the piece, Pang reveals days-long binges, talks with other chefs in the city who have seen how addiction affects the industry and shows how Baltzley realized when he had hit rock bottom and the disappointment in knowing he had lost his job at Tribute.

Possibly the most dramatic aspect is that Pang rode along with Baltzley and his girlfriend as he headed to a rehab facility on the West Side. There's no doubt Baltzley messed things up, but hopefully he can get his life back on track and finally get back to doing what he loves: cooking.
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