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Yelper Slams Wormhole Coffee; Owner Responds, Says Has Interaction on Video

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Generally speaking, based on the nearly 200 reviews and the average 4.5 star rating, Yelpers seem to really love Wormhole, a cafe in Wicker Park. However, one in particular, Matt L., seems to have a different take. Matt stopped into Wormhole on June 3 around 7:45 a.m. and recounted his tale where he felt he was slighted by the two people working behind the counter. He claimed they ignored him merely smirked at him.

Matt wrote:

I took a glass of self-service water near the door. I drank it. I politely asked the guy where he wanted the empty water glass. He took it and walked with me (him behind the counter, me on the customer side) to the area where I would have ordered my coffee. I looked at him. We made eye contact. I was about to tell him my order, and he knew it, so he turned his back on me. Then the short brunette girl walked up. Again, looked right at me, then turned her back. No customers to help, just screwing around behind the register talking to her co-worker. I walked out.

Matt, who admitted he was in the store for about one minute, said he popped his head back inside and said, after feeling completely ignored, "This is going on Yelp immediately."

The guy Matt described turns out to be the owner, Travis Schaffner, who posted a reply to defend himself and give his side of the story. He said he reviewed the shop's security tape, which also had audio with cameras positioned on the counter and just outside the front door. He said Matt did get some water, but then started looking at the pastry case, which was empty because Wormhole had just received its morning shipment from Fritz Pastry.

Schaffner wrote that he told Matt he was going to get a plate of the pastries to show him what they had. At that point, Schaffner said Matt was headed for the door, middle finger raised saying (apparently caught on tape), "Eff this place," then walked out, came back in, repeated it and then tossed out the threat about Yelp. One can assume the "eff" was replaced on Yelp for the more direct four-letter curse word.

Matt also said Schaffner tried chasing him down the street after fumbling with his bike lock. Schaffner responded by saying his bike was actually in Wormhole's basement, but did try to flag down Matt, who stormed up Milwaukee toward Starbucks. Schaffner apologized that Matt felt slighted and wanted to talk about it and clear the air.

It doesn't seem like this happened, because Matt then posted a followup, saying: "I know, unequivocally, I speak for ALL coffee drinkers, that when he wrote, "'Really, at that time of day, I think we probably need to cut each other a bit of slack,'" we all immediately thought, 'No a-hole, at that time of day you need to shut the f*** up, get off your high horse, and pour me a f***ing cup of coffee.'" Sounds like someone really needed a cup of coffee. Eater talked to Schaffner to confirm he, in fact, did post the response. Unfortunately, he is not allowed to release the video, but stands by his account.
· Matt L's Review of Wormhole [Yelp]

Wormhole Coffee [Photo: Metromix]

Wormhole Coffee

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