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PingPong Should Re-Open in Next Two Weeks

Back in early May, a fire broke out in the kitchen at popular pan-Asian Boystown spot PingPong, causing the restaurant to temporarily close. A sign currently posted on the door at the restaurant says they're working on the renovations and should be open soon (a note on the website said the restaurant will open in June, but that doesn't look likely).

Owner Henry Chang said he hopes the restaurant will re-open in the next week or so, but couldn't give an exact date. Chang said the fire, which originally started when boxes around an overheated refrigerator ignited, basically destroyed the kitchen, which mostly had to be gutted and replaced with new equipment. Smoke damage occurred in the dining room and Chang said some of the decor will change, but that it will still look like PingPong. Additionally, he said some new menu items will appear, but wasn't ready to reveal what they are going to be.
· Fire Engulfs Pan Asian Restaurant Ping Pong [~EChi~]


3322 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL