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Phillip Foss Bringing His Balls to Gay Pride Festival

This weekend, Boystown will get packed with the annual Gay Pride Festival and Parade with hundreds of thousands of supporters lining the streets up and down Halsted and Broadway. On Sunday, people will cheer on hundreds of floats in the parade, including everyone from politicians and local businesses to dykes on bikes and PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). But starting this afternoon, Pride Fest will run along Halsted Street and will have a whole different set of balls to deal with.

Bad boy chef Phillip Foss will take his Meatyballs truck to the festival to participate by showing his balls to the world. Foss created 5,000 ball-i-pops, a meatball lollipop that he'll serve on a stick with a brioche-style bun. But getting there hasn't been easy. "The health department had no idea what to make of me because I think this is the frist time a food truck has been at a street fair," Foss said. Let's see how well his balls hold up.