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Starfruit Flat Belly Food Truck Debuting at Taste of Chicago

The Chicago food truck race continues to heat up, this time with Starfruit getting into the action. The fro-yo shop owned by Lifeway Kefir will introduce its Mercedes Sprinter, dubbed the Flat Belly Food Truck, to Chicago by debuting it at the Taste of Chicago this weekend. Then the truck will hit various events and festivals throughout the summer, including various Cubs games and the Dave Matthews Caravan festival taking place on the South Side July 8-10.

Like its six physical locations, the Starfruit truck will carry a rotating collection of flavors, including original, strawberry banana, cherry, chocolate, pomegranate, peach and their newest, mango. The frozen kefir will come in bowls only and, unfortunately, smoothies won't be available. Follow the truck's whereabouts on Twitter throughout the summer.