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Haymarket Cafe Closing After Just 2 Months

When Haymarket Cafe opened its doors on April 4, it gave the West Loop a new cafe option, but sadly residents in the neighborhood didn't catch on to its offering as tomorrow is the cafe's final day. This doesn't mean that Haymarket Pub & Brewery will close, rather just the coffee shop that had a separate entrance on Halsted.

Haymarket had been serving Metropolis coffee and pastries from Bleeding Heart Bakery and Red Hen Bread (although they were originally slated to sell Sweet Cakes goods). The team also had hoped to attract an early morning crowd interested in watching overseas soccer matches, but that also didn't seem to materialize. Unfortunately, Haymarket didn't have an awning over the door on Halsted and people just didn't know it was there. Due to a lack of foot traffic, the project just wasn't making enough money to justify staying open.
· Haymarket Cafe Official Open Inside West Loop Brewery [~EChi~]

Haymarket Cafe

737 W. Randolph St., Chicago, IL