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Phillip Foss Now Taking Reservations for EL

Phillip Foss, who left his position as executive chef at Lockwood last August and launched a now successful line of food trucks under the Meatyball Mobile moniker, is gearing up to open an upscale pop-up restaurant of sorts in the same space he prepares his sandwiches to sell on the road.

Foss will open EL, a unique restaurant offering only cutting-edge tasting menus, on July 7 and is now taking reservations. But making a reservation here will be as easy as finding the location: It's on the outer edges of Pilsen on 14th Street at Western Avenue.

For one, the space currently can only take six diners, for which Foss says everyone will be treated to a chef's table experience. And two, Foss will use a lottery-style system to select what lucky diners will get to eat at EL, which will have one seating a night (at 6 p.m.), Thursday through Saturday. So are you ready to experience EL? Send in your request now.

EL Restaurant

2419 W. 14th St., Chicago, IL