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Despite a Few Flaws, TOC's Tamarkin Generally Digs Aviary

Whether you're a VIP or a common fool, everyone gets the same experience once they sit down at Aviary. At least that's Time Out Chicago's David Tamarkin's takeaway. He said VIPs may get to skip ahead to the front of the line, but once inside they "grin like idiots and snap photos of their cocktails with their cell phones. Because no matter where a VIP has been before, he’s never had a drink like the Blueberry."

Tamarkin praises the Blueberry, in a Martin Kastner-designed pitcher, for its beauty and layers of progressive flavors. "As the whiskey cocktail macerates in the botanicals, it changes from something floral and light in color to a dark amber elixir with pronounced tannins. It’s a splendid drink both ways."

However, he slights the Ginger, a Moscow Mule-like drink, for being watery. But loves the Root Beer because it tastes like, well, root beer. And felt the Tiki was pedestrian. In the end, giving it four out of five stars, Tamarkin said, "Aviary left me with no doubt: From here on out, cocktails will never be the same.
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The Aviary

955 W. Fulton Market, Chicago, IL