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Felony Franks sues city

Felony-Franks.jpgIs it criminal to not allow a business to hang a sign outside its shop? The owner of Felony Franks thinks so. Jim Andrews, who owns the shop at 229 S. Western, filed a lawsuit in federal court against the City of Chicago and several alderman to the tune of nearly $300,000. Andrews claims he has lost that much revenue in the two years the city has denied him a permit to hang a sign outside his shop. Felony Franks hires ex-cons in the hope of helping to rehabilitate them, but Ald. Robert Fioretti said the sign, which shows a hot dog behind bars, is offensive and sends the wrong message. "I think we should do all we can to help ex-offenders to come back into the mainstream,” Fioretti told the Sun-Times. “It’s a good concept, but a bad name. It exploits the individuals." What do you think? [Sun-Times via Grub Street]
Felony Franks wants a sign [Photo: Brian Jackson/Sun-Times]