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Calypso Cafe Closing it Doors on June 5

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Whoops, looks like the good news in Hyde Park we spoke about earlier isn't reaching everyone. The Calypso Cafe, owned by the same crew behind Dixie Kitchen, will shutter on June 5. The restaurant has to close to make way for the new Harper Court development that will feature a hotel and some other restaurants.

A note posted on the restaurant's website reads, "It is with great sentiment that we announce that Calypso Cafe will close its doors on Sunday, June 5, 2011. We have been so fortunate to have been part of a vibrant and growing Hyde Park. It is with deep appreciation that Carol Andresen and the Calypso Café staff thank our guests for a remarkable fourteen year journey."

We were a little surprised to hear the restaurant wouldn't relocate due to the its large following, but they couldn't find the right space. "We looked around and couldn't find anything that really had the space or parking that we needed," said Matt Peebles, Calypso's assistant general manager. "As of now there are no plans to [open another]."

Peebles did say, however, that the share holders have been meeting and may be working on something else. In the meantime, the staff is trying to enjoy its remaining days. "Everybody is pretty sad and depressed and looking for new jobs," he said. "But it's been a good run."

Calypso Cafe

5211 S. Harper Ave., Chicago, IL