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Bistrot Margot is a Top Choice for Bruno; Fogon Receives Mixed Reviews from Kramer and Vettel; More!

Bistrot Margot is one of Pat Bruno's top choices when it comes to authentic bistro fare. He finds that the "menu is stacked with all of those dishes you would expect to find on a classic bistro menu" and that "sensibility trumps sensationalism" here. There were "so many interesting choices on the menu" that it was hard to decide, but he "went with the salmon, and it was as right a choice as could be." He found the grouper to be "very Provencal, very bistro, very, very good." The desserts are straight forward as well, and the tarte aux pommes is a hard one to pass up. [Sun Times]

Julia Kramer thinks the food at Fogon is beautiful and colorful, but not very contemporary. She finds the salads and appetizers to "be full of contrasting textures and interesting flavors" and that the "tamarind-glazed salmon could supplant miso-glazed cod as a ubiquitous restaurant fish dish." She does, however, think some dishes are "dated" and the middle fillet on the stacked whitefish "Napoleon" seemed "unappetizingly wet." Overall, Kramer had "two hit-or-miss dinners" and "with entrées hovering just above $20, you’re committing to a reasonably expensive meal." [TOC]

Phil Vettel also thinks some of the dishes at Fogon are hit-or-miss but overall he enjoys his experience. Vettel appreciates the"sophisticated look" of the decor at Fogon that "complements the upscale cooking, and particularly the often striking presentations." He finds the salmon al carbon "to be a keeper" and would steer you towards the angus rib-eye as well. As for the desserts, he describes the prickly-pear creme brulee as "killer." [Tribune]

Daniel Zemans thinks Burt Katz would be worthy of being in the Chicago pizza hall of fame, if there was one. Katz started Pequod's as well as his current Burt's Place, so Zemans did a comparison. He finds both crusts to have "Katz's signature caramelization," but thinks the "quality of bread" is better at Burt's Place. He describes it as, "the oily bread, one of the thickest pizza crusts in Chicago, is like an excellent piece of focaccia that would be very good with no toppings at all." In his opinion, the regular Burt's pizza is more like "foccacia with toppings" but with extra sauce and cheese "it is simply magnificent." [Slice]

Bistrot Margot

1437 N Wells Street, Chicago, IL 60610 312 587 3660