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Did Billy Dec Stiff His Servers?

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Billy-Dec-sm.jpgIf a customer wants to leave their server an extra tip, isn't that their prerogative? According to this story, Billy Dec doesn't think so. The Dining Diva got a tip from a supposedly very reliable source who said the Sunda owner didn't want his two servers (who are single mothers) who recently waited on a large group of Blackhawks players to get an extra $1,000 tip. The group of nearly 40 guests was treated to dinner by the team's general manager and the players wanted to show their gratitude. Dec allegedly thought the 20 percent tip on the bill was sufficient. What do you think? If this story is true, is it Dec's call to say a customer can't give more money? [312DD]

UPDATE: Arturo Gomez, president of Rockit Ranch Productions, which owns Sunda, called Eater to explain that the Blackhawks organization didn't want the players to pay for any of the meal and that Dec was merely trying to respect their wishes. The servers, Gomez said, hadn't been told of the arrangement ahead of time, but it was explained to them after they became upset when they thought Dec was trying to keep them from getting additional tips. One of the servers, who had been on staff at Sunda since the restaurant opened, has since left the restaurant. Gomez, who explained they want their staff to make the most money they can, said he wasn't sure of the reason the server quit. So which side of the story do you believe?


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