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Kith & Kin Shutters Due to Slow Traffic and Money Issues

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After getting critical praise, winning some awards and even having Matt Damon stop by one night, it came as a huge shock this afternoon that Kith & Kin announced it is now closed. The Dining Diva broke the news earlier and then the restaurant confirmed it on its Facebook page thanking their loyal fans.

"We couldn't stay in it anymore. We tried so hard," said owner Moe Taleb, who owned the restaurant with his brother, Ash. "Business wasn't there in this neighborhood. We're discussing the whole thing with the landlord. We're not sure what's going to happen." Taleb said they are talking about trying a new concept in the location, but that it's up in the air and likely wouldn't happen for some time.

Meanwhile, chef Andrew Brochu was set to leave Kith & Kin on June 1 to move up to the Taleb's Andersonville concept, which has been in the works for sometime, but that now is tentative. "If something happens in next two to three weeks and Andersonville is a go, then I will most likely be staying with Ash to do that, but I am going to look for something in the meantime," Brochu said. If he continues to work on the new concept, he said it'll be more upscale and different than Kith. "I love casual dining, but my passion is a little fancier," he said. "The restaurant and ambiance up north is a little fancier."

Brochu said there had been some issues renewing the liquor license, but doesn't think that had anything to do with the closure.

Taleb said they notified all the employees around 1 p.m. today and their intention is to make sure everyone gets the money they're owed. "It's closed and my goal is to pay my employees immediately, tomorrow," Taleb said. "I know closing is a horrible thing. It breaks my heart, but we move on."
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