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Cooking at Home with Big Jones

If you ever wished you could cook like chef Paul Fehribach from Big Jones, now is your chance. Fehribach has added a new series to his blog called Cooking at Home. The series will feature simple southern recipes that are easy to make at home. On occasion, they will be dishes found at the restaurant.

The blog includes background on the dish, technique, and pretty thorough instructions with pictures. Fehribach also offers his suggestions on the best places to find some of the ingredients. This series will compliment his current Anatomy of a Dish postings where he breaks down the inspiration, technique and recipe for his more difficult, seasonal dishes. These dishes are still able to be made at home but require more advanced skill.

His first two Cooking at Home posts cover jambalaya and a Lousiana crawfish boil with all the fixings. Look for dishes like fried chicken and spoon bread in the future.

Big Jones

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Big Jones

5347 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL