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Purple Cow Ice Cream, Reservoir Coming to Uptown

Reservoir will take over these storefronts
Reservoir will take over these storefronts

UPTOWNUptown Update reports that Purple Cow Ice Cream will open a few blocks just west of Lake Shore Drive, making it a perfect stop to or from the beach this summer. The only sign it's coming is the faint scribble of "Purple Cow Ice Cream" on the brown paper in the windows. [UU]

UPTOWN—Just next door to Purple Cow, Sam Banks and Aris Sulejmani hope to open the 60-seat Reservoir to fill a hole in the 'hood. The duo, who own Portage Park's Hops & Barley, want to create an American-inspired small-plate menu. The proposed upscale spot doesn't yet have a chef or liquor license. [Dish]