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Top Chicago Mixologists Shake at Oprah Party

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Oprah-Final-Show-sm.jpgRegular everyday people may not have gotten into the post party for Oprah, but some of Chicago's top mixologists did. The buzzed-about star-studded party that took place after the mega-celebration at the United Center last night to tape Oprah's farewell shows ended up being at the Four Seasons (despite rumors of it being at RL and the Tasting Room). The Diva reports an array of top cocktail shakers, including Adam Seger (Hum), Lynn House (Blackbird), Charles Joly (Drawing Room), Kyle McHugh (Lady Gregory's), Bridget Albert (Southern Wine & Spirits) and Jeff Donahue (The Aviary), mixed up a bounty of beverages. Think they have some stories? [312DD]
Oprah [Photo: Scott Stewart/Sun-Times]