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33 Club Closes it Doors Due to Low Volume. What's Next?

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In early April, it was announced that Mama Milano Pizza Bar would open at the same location as 33 Club. Controversy arose around whether 33 Club would remain in business and in a post we wrote, "Mama Milano? Opening. And 33 Club? Not closing. At least that's what we know today." See, there's a reason we like to leave the door open around stories like this because we got a note this morning that 33 Club is now, in fact, closed. Sunday night was the last night of service.

What remains up in the air is what will take over the space. Tony Tomaska, who is opening Mama Milano with his brother Joseph, was also an owner in 33 Club, but when we talked to him this afternoon, he said their restaurant is a much smaller spot in the same building. So we tracked down Sam Madonia, the managing partner in 33 Club to see what went down.

Turns out the decision to shutter 33 Club was purely economical. "We just didn't feel that we were doing enough volume and the downturn and competition cut into our volume to the extent that it didn't make sense," Madonia said. He said they are tossing around some ideas, but that nothing has yet been decided upon. But one thing is that Jerry Kleiner, who designed 33 Club, will likely not get tapped for the future project. "I think it would probably have a fresh designer with new changes," Madonia said.

While a new concept hasn't been solidified, we wouldn't be surprised to hear about something concrete sooner than later. The space is too large to just sit untouched and Madonia said that it will be a change from what 33 Club was and it could involve other well-known people from the restaurant industry. "What 33 club represented and where it is and what it looks like ... there's an opportunity for another concept to go in there." Meanwhile, Madonia, Kleiner and the other partners involved with Carnivale, are working on expanding that concept to other cities.

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33 Club

1419 N. Wells, Chicago, IL