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Sabor Saveur is Inventive; Fogon Raises the Stakes; Pat's Pizza is Still Going Strong

Interior of Sabor Saveur
Interior of Sabor Saveur
Photo: Cheeky Chicago

Phil Vettel thinks chef/owner Yanitzin Sanchez takes a personal and delicious approach to Mexican-French fusion at Sabor Saveur. Vettel enjoys the inventive tamal, which is "buried under an arugula salad...a surprise package awaiting discovery." He finds that the "veal medallions over tamarind-mango sauce are superb; that dish and the filet are the best bets on the menu." The real treat is the desserts, which Vettel describes as "full of surprises." His favorite is the tejocote pulque, " a fluffy, mousselike confection" with a "persuasive shot of heat." He recommends first-timers to try the restaurant "when the dining room is relatively quiet and servers have the time to explain the nuances of Sanchez's creations." [Tribune]

Pat Bruno thinks that Fogon is bringing new competition to upscale Mexican cuisine. " The interior is "smart and casual, basically uncluttered, and with a touch of low-key class," and "windows on three sides of this building enhance the feeling of openness." He recommends starting with the quesadilla de huitlacoche and found the ensalada de sandia to be refreshing and delicious. He enjoys the "creamy richness" of the sauce on amarones a la pipiana, but he could have lived without "the big chunks of sweet plantains that circled the shrimp." For desserts, the guava cheesecake "gets the nod." Overall Bruno is "rooting for Fogon to give Topolobampo some much-needed competition in the upscale Mexican genre." [Sun Times]

Daniel Zemans of Slice finds Pat's Pizza and Ristorante to be one of the best pizzerias in Chicago.
Zemans is adamant that "every single person who sets foot in Pat's should order a thin crust pizza with sausage." He describes the "housemade hunks" of sausage as "little bombs of pepper and fennel," and the thin crust as "simultaneously crisp and soft." He is impressed that "even the inner squares retain their rigidity for the duration of the meal." Pat's has been around for 60 years run by the same family, Zeman hopes "they stick around for 60 more." [Slice]

Sabor Saveur

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