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Julius Meinl May Move Over Issues With Landlord

Lincoln Square residents were all in a huff when they heard the building housing Julius Meinl was up for sale. Comments and speculation started appearing on Every Block and people were already jumping in to offer suggestions of nearby cafes to replace Meinl, if it should close.

It wasn't until a representative from Meinl chimed in on the comments to quell the concerns: "We may eventually move the patisserie location into our new warehouse/office location (at 4115 N. Ravenswood), but we do hope to keep our Lincoln location."

Gapers Block added Meinl is scouting locations in Hype Park and the Loop and may even open up in Highland Park or Naperville. Ultimately what it comes down to is some issues between the owners and the landlord, who also happens to be a minority shareholder. If those issues can get worked out, Meinl will remain in place.
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Julius Meinl on Lincoln [Photo: Mike Fourcher/CSJ]

Julius Meinl

4363 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL