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Rick Bayless Lashes Out at Rich Melman After Beard Awards

Was Rick Bayless bitter that his restaurant Topolobampo lost Outstanding Service at the James Beard Awards to Thomas Keller's Per Se? It seems like something got under Bayless's skin because he lashed out at Lettuce Entertain You chairman Rich Melman for not being in New York to accept his award for Outstanding Restaurateur.

Bayless tweeted shortly after the awards ended: "Total shut out for Chicago tonight at Beard Awards! Worse yet: 1 of top 3 awards goes to Melman--r only chance to shine.NO SHOW!AT BEARDS??"

Maybe Bayless was a little overconfident because hours before the event, he tweeted that he and his team were already celebrating. "Headed to Marea for celebratory lunch w Topolo staff b4 Beards. Who knows? We just might bring home prize for nation's best service!" And they say it's an honor just to be nominated.

[Photo: Rich Melman and Rick Bayless]