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Stephanie Izard's Night at the Beards

Izard-at-Beard-Awards.jpgTo get into the mood for the James Beard Awards, Stephanie Izard bought a little black dress with gold zippers on the sides. "I was going for the 'easy access' look," she told Grub Street. "The ‘get me drunk and naked’ look." Clearly she was kidding, but dressing up is not her thing. In fact, she warned any women who apply to work in her kitchen from coming in wearing lip gloss. She likes people to get down and dirty. As far as the night went, Izard and her crew pre-partied at Bar Boulud and ultimately ended up celebrating their loss (Izard doesn't wallow) to ABC Kitchen at Eleven Madison Park. Sure she was disappointed, but said, "They always choose the New Yorkers, we're totally the underdogs." [GS/Twitter]
[Photo: Stephanie Izard]

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