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Lush to Add Beer and Wine by the Glass; Expand Snack Program to Roscoe Village

Lush in Roscoe Village
Lush in Roscoe Village
Photo: Chicago Now

Lush Wine and Spirits, with locations in West Town, Roscoe Village and University Village, has always strived to provide its customers with delicious and often rare wine and spirits. In October we told you about the tasty snack program they added to the West Town location to accompany those libations purchased in the shop.

And now Lush will add unique beer and wine by the glass to truly round out the program. "Expect a very tight by the glass program," said general manager Rachel Driver. "Our hope is to rotate our wines by the glass twice a month at least." Four to six glasses will be served at a time, both domestic and international. Those particular wines will not be carried on the shelves at Lush (although we bet you could purchase a bottle from the back if you asked nicely) and they will still allow you to purchase a bottle in the shop and open it there.

As for beer, they currently have a tower for six small taps and they plan to fill it with as many special kegs as possible. At least two local brews will always be featured, likely starting with Half Acre or Metropolitan. The plan is to also have Bockor Cuvee des Jacobins Rouge as their first sour beer.

And what better way to celebrate the new drinks? More snacks. Since the program has been such a hit in West Town, they have decided to expand snacks to Roscoe Village this summer, with their expert "snack masters" currently in training. They will also add wine and beer, and likely a small cocktail program. Roscoe Village manager, Jane Lopes, spent three years as a bartender at Violet Hour so expect some pretty interesting concoctions.

West Town will continue to innovate their snack program, and the plan is to add six to eight new snacks and keep the meats and cheeses as seasonal and unique as possible. "We want to offer cheeses you can't find in any other cheese program in the city," says Driver. Expect cheese making and other food-related classes down the line, as well as more full-course dinners in the space—with drink pairings, of course.
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Lush Wine & Spirits

1412 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL