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Mama Milano Opening; 33 Club Not Closing Next Door

33 Club
33 Club
Photo: Zagat

Good news and better news for Old Town: Mama Milano Pizza Bar, a new project from the family that once owned Papa Milano in the Gold Coast, is scheduled to open this May. The restaurant will focus on Neapolitan pizza made in a gas oven and will serve wine in quartino carafes, according to Dish.

The space where Mama Milano will open happens to be next door to 33 Club, and shares an address (1419 N. Wells), which caused a little controversy yesterday and speculation that 33 Club, which was designed by and opened by Jerry Kleiner, was closing.

This apparently is not the case ... and here's where the other good news comes in. Tony Tomaska, who is opening Mama Milano with his brother, Joseph, is also an owner in 33 Club and confirms that while the restaurants share the same address (other businesses in the building, including Nicole Miller, also have the same address) and is, in fact, remaining open.

But what about the rumor that Kleiner was out at 33 Club? "I was always the design guy. I was never anything more than that," Kleiner said. "I'm not the general partner. It's not like all of my other deals. I have a small interest and I don't run the day to day. I consult and I'm still friendly with the people there. When they need me I still participate."

So there you have it. Mama Milano? Opening. And 33 Club? Not closing. At least that's what we know today.
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Mama Milano

1419 N. Wells, Chicago, IL