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Phillip Foss Adding 3rd Meatyballs Truck, New Sliders

Ever the maverick, Phillip Foss will add yet another Meatyballs Mobile food truck to his mobile fleet, bringing the total number to three in order to keep up with the demand for his meatball sandwiches. In addition, Foss let us know he's adding a new category to his menu. Joining the ever-popular "torpedoes" meatball sandwiches will be "grenades," meatball sliders that will cost $3 each—perfect for a quick snack when you're running between meetings in the Loop.

The grenades will have the exact same menu as the torpedoes, but more bite sized. So expect items like BBQ Balls (pulled pork shoulder); Buff Balls (buffalo chicken); Gulf Balls (chicken and shrimp); and Shweddy Balls (Tunisian-style lamb and chicken), among others. Foss will expand his reach and hours beyond lunch, so it's encouraged to follow the Meatyballs schedule on Twitter and Facebook. The grenades debut today and look for the third truck, dubbed MB3, as soon as the city gives it the green light. Foss hopes that'll be in about a week.