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Burgers By the Numbers: McDonald's

Have you ever wondered how much work goes into having a successful burger joint? During Burger Week, we are talking with some of the busier burger-focused spots to find out how much food they go through in a single day.

The first franchised McDonald's, now a museum, in Des Plaines, Ill. [Photo: Bruce Marlin]

While many local burger joints and national chains may go through a crazy amount of ingredients like beef and condiments in an given day, none likely compare to the amount of food McDonald's goes through. We reached out to the corporate PR team based in nearby Oak Brook where McDonald's in headquartered to get some numbers. The most recent they had were from 2009 and instead of it being for a single shop on a single day, this round up encompasses the entire nation for the year. How does it stack up?

The 2009 McDonald's Grocery List:

· 800 million pounds of beef
· 667 million pounds of chicken
· 1.5 billion pounds of potatoes
· 3.3 billion ketchup packets
· 53 million pounds of fish
· 231 million pounds of cheese
· 22 million pounds of tomatoes
· 60 million pounds of apples
· 143 million gallons of coffee
· 1.84 billion 12-ounce cups of coffee (could fill 2,800 olympic-sized pools)