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Heavy Metal Veggie Burgers at Kuma's Corner

For the next hour, all Eater sites across the country are participating in the Veggie Burger Power Hour so you get nothing but these tasty veggie burgers for the next hour.

Kuma's Corner [Photo: Flickr/Mike Barish]

veggie-burger-power-hour-150.jpgHow metal is your veggie burger? We're not sure where exactly they keep them—and truth be told, we've never personally seen one ordered—but Kuma's Corner actually serves veggie burgers. Any burger on the menu can be made with a garden burger patty as an alternative to the traditional beef, chicken breast or chicken tenders (OK, maybe that last one isn't so traditional) that normally line the buns.

Pretty impressive for a place created to "satiate your most intimate meat craving desires."

If you've been to Kuma's, you know their burgers are about a lot more than a hunk of beef, chicken or "garden." They're about the insane toppings (not to mention that pretzel bun). So we've gone through the list and took out all the dead animals to create what might be the restaurant's first vegetarian menu.

As always, though, check with your server on any specific dietary restrictions you might have. And, honestly, we weren't entirely sure if "plague" was a vegetarian ingredient.

· Iron Maiden: avocado, cherry peppers, pepper jack, chipotle mayo
· Neurosis: cheddar, swiss, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, horseradish mayo
· Clutch: cheddar, swiss, jack, smoked gouda
· Plague Bringer: roasted garlic mayo, toritilla strips, hot sauce, pepper jack, sliced jalapenos (...and lots of them)

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Kuma's Corner

2900 West Belmont Avenue, , IL 60618 (773) 604-8769 Visit Website

Kuma's Corner

2900 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL