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Chorizo Sliders at Karyn's on Green

The names on the menu might fool you, but Karyn's on Green's all-vegan small plates, salads and entrees are no lie. For their burger, Karyn's actually gives us a couple healthy, spicy bites with their chorizo sliders.

The saucy minced meat is of course not meat at all, but well seasoned soy protein. It's all topped with "bacon" that's actually thinly sliced portobellos, cheddar that's not really cheese, chipotle aioli made without eggs and frisee greens that are, well, frisee. Proof once again that everybody, even vegans, love bacon. The sliders come with a kicking spoonful of tomato pepper jam on side.
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Karyn's on Green

130 S. Green St., Chicago, IL