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Burgers By the Numbers: Edzo's Burger Shop

Have you ever wondered how much work goes into having a successful burger joint? During Burger Week, we are talking with some of the busier burger-focused spots to find out how much food they go through in a single day.

Edzo's [Photo: LTH Forum]

We've hit a few spots in the city, but today's numbers post takes us just over the northern border up to Evanston to check out Edzo's. This burger joint, opened Eddie Lakin, made an immediate splash when it opened in downtown Evanston near the Northwestern campus. Just how much? Let's check it out.

On an average day, Edzo's goes through:

· 2 #10 cans of Heinz ketchup
· 110 pounds of meat
· 150 to 200 pounds of Idaho russet potatoes
· 6 to 8 pounds of bacon get fried up

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1571 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL