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Best Burger Contest Round 3: Upscale Restaurant Burgers

Custom House Tavern; Rosebud; Paul Strabbing for Naha; RL<

We have two burger categories to cover today, so we are getting started early. Up first are the upscale restaurants, those fancy burgers you all love. Custom House Tavern, Naha, Rosebud, and RL are all strong contenders, so spread the word Twitter and Facebook style and VOTE! And just in case you forgot to vote yesterday, the Fast Food-Style burger race is still going strong for a few more hours so pop over and vote for that too.

Voting ends on both of today's categories Thursday at noon, when the winners from each of the four categories this week battle it out for title of best burger in Chicago.

Poll results

RL Restaurant

115 East Chicago Avenue, , IL 60611 (312) 475-1100 Visit Website


500 North Clark Street, , IL 60654 (312) 321-6242 Visit Website