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John des Rosiers to Bring Wisma Truck to Chicago

John des Rosiers would love more Chicagoans to travel to Lake Bluff to dine at his acclaimed restaurant, inovasi, so he'll tempt us with a taste by bringing his food to the city. As soon as he secures an appropriate-sized truck that meets his desired level of sustainability and the city approves it, the Wisma truck will roll into Chicago.

Des Rosiers said he'll serve about one-third of the Wisma menu, which includes all soups (rustic tomato; chicken chowder), sandwiches (organic turkey with arugula; mozzarella with pecans), salads and desserts—and that includes ice cream. In the meantime, des Rosiers is also scouting a space in Highland Park for his third Wisma location, which he hopes to open in September.
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