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Hamburger Helpers: Tony Mantuano & David Burke's 40-Day Dry-Aged Burger

In honor of Burger Week, we reached out to a number of chefs, restaurateurs, food writers and friends of Eater to find out what burgers make them go ga-ga. We'll post these guests write-ups throughout the week and first up, in his own words, is Spiaggia chef/partner, Tony Manutano.

I’m not really a burger guy. I don’t eat them very much, maybe only three or four times a year. But, when I do eat a burger my top choice is David Burke’s 40-day dry-aged burger at the JBar Lounge at the James Hotel. This burger makes me want to eat a burger!

Frankly, it’s a damn good burger that is very unique and has everything I like in a burger: good flavor, greens, onions and mayo. The 40-day dry-aged burger has a great not-too-soft potato bun, a mountain of wilted spinach (I love spinach, I guess you could say I’m an Italian Popeye), crispy shallots that are almost onion rings, an interesting bacon mayo and, most importantly, the aged nuttiness of the beef is a flavor I don’t think you get anywhere else. The burger has the flavor of a $100 steak in a $12 burger. It’s a great deal for the flavors and taste.

When I do decide I’m in a burger mood, I like to head to JBar on a Friday or Saturday night when everyone is out and about. As my wife, Cathy, mentioned, it’s always funny to wipe the burger juice off your chin as the fashionable crowd walks by. How I take my 40-day dry-aged burger? As it comes. I don’t add anything to it besides my go-to beer, Amstel Light. This burger is the most delicious burger I have ever come across.

The James Hotel

616 N. Rush St., Chicago, IL