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Burgers By The Numbers: Epic Burger

Have you ever wondered how much work goes into having a successful burger joint? Some of the more popular spots in the city have a team of people working throughout the day to prepare everything that goes into making burgers for the hungry masses all day long. We got in touch with some of the busier burger-focused spots in the city to bring you some pretty crazy stats. Up first: Epic Burger.

The burger joint, with locations in Lincoln Park and Downtown, does a pretty brisk business each day. How much? Read on to find out.

On an average day, Epic Burger goes through:

· 43 pounds of ketchup
· 228 pounds of beef
· 960 pounds of potatoes for french fries
· 60 pounds of bacon for the burgers
· 60 pounds of turkey meat for turkey burgers
· About 234 organic eggs are used atop various burgers
· 36 gallons of ice cream is used to make the milkshakes
· Beef burgers vs portobello burgers? 10 to 1

Epic Burger

517 South State Street, , IL 60605 Visit Website