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Chicago Architecture Foundation Leading "Preservation & Pubs" Tours in Loop

This gives a whole new meaning to the term bar hopping. The Chicago Architecture Foundation will launch a three-part walking-tour series, "Preservation & Pubs," on April 29 that will explore historic buildings and bars in the Loop.

Each tour, which is free for CAF members and $10 for non-members, lasts an hour and culminates at a different bar. And each will explore a different route, heading west, sout or north from the CAF tour center.

During the walking tours, participants will be guided through the Loop and learn about different historic buildings and various aspects about preservation of these landmarks. The tours will end at Sky-Ride Cocktail Lounge (April 29), Kasey's Tavern (May 13) and Cardozo's Pub (June 17). Unfortunately, drinks are not included in the price, but reservations are required.
· Preservation & Pubs tour series [CAF]

Kasey's Tavern [Photo: NFL Blog Blitz]

Chicago Architecture Foundation

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