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Bongo Room Heading North

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Bongo-awning.jpgWe've been hearing rumblings about this for a couple of months, but just got a little confirmation. It looks like Bongo Room is opening a third location, this time in Andersonville. The popular brunch spot, which started with humble beginnings in the early '90s near the Damen "L" stop, has a note at the bottom of its online menu saying, "New Andersonville Location Coming Soon!!" The Andersonville addition, which joins the Wicker Park and South Loop spots, will no doubt be welcomed with open, um, mouths. [Edgewater Community]
UPDATE: We got a note from owner John Latino this afternoon saying the original building they wanted for Bongo Room didn't work out, but that they have every intention of getting something open in Andersonville this year, hopefully sooner than later.

Bongo Room

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