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GT Fish & Oyster, Officially Open Thursday, By the Numbers

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The bar area, including a two-man oyster bar
The bar area, including a two-man oyster bar

GT Fish & Oyster [Photo: Timothy Hiatt Photography]

With all the hype surrounding one of the season's hottest restaurant openings, it's no surprise that everyone can't wait to get in. We were initially told GT Fish & Oyster would likely open on Wednesday, but a text Tuesday afternoon from co-owner Kevin Boehm assured us the official opening would happen on Thursday. And at that, the restaurant will only take walk-ins through the weekend and will start accepting reservations on Monday.

We've already told you a lot about the interior (including the inclusion of a boomerang-shaped table and aquarium-like vestibule) and have even posted an abridged version of the seafood-rich menu. Now, with the opening at our fingertips, we thought it'd be fun to give you a beautiful photo gallery, a crack at the actual menu and a rundown of what GT has to offer, by the numbers. Ready?

There are a lot of really cool design elements in the restaurant, and the one thing we didn't count was how many places the initials GT appear throughout the space. Feel like you want to find out? Let us know. We're curious. Caveat: there are some tricky ones.

Here's what:

· 8: Seats at the Captain's Table, just inside the front door
· 10: Stools around the boomerang table
· 7: Number of original paintings of sailboats created for the restaurant in Amsterdam by designer Karen Herold's parents
· 3: Set of shark teeth hanging on the wall
· 1,800: Approximate cost of said shark teeth
· 3: Aluminum French perfume/cologne containers (get close, one smells like lavender)
· 6 to 8: Types of oysters at the oyster bar on any given night
· 2: Chefs shucking oysters at the oyster bar
· 4: Seats in front of the oyster bar, which will be reserved for walk-in guests
· 3: Types of housemade bottled hot sauces ("burn" and "smoulder") and malt vinegar
· 2: LCD flat-screen TVs subtly hanging on the bar walls
· 20: Types of bourbon and American whiskey
· 4: Beers on tap
· 21: Beers in bottle
· 1: Pound of lobster in the lobster roll
· 34: Cost of the 10-ounce strip loin, one of three "not fish" items on menu
· 4: Types of Rare Tea Cellar tea
· 98: Seats in the restaurant
· 20: Seats at the bar
· 26: Seats that will be on the sidewalk patio
· 555: The design firm that did the restaurant's build out
· 1: Person who can claim the initials GT: Giuseppe Tentori

Now, take a gander at the menu:

GT Fish & Oyster Menu
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