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Mayor's Task Force Shutters Sahara Kabob (a.k.a. Bigs Buns & Pita) for Pests

Whether you call it Big Buns & Pita or Sahara Kabob, you're not going to want to eat there for a while. The Middle Eastern restaurant was shuttered by Mayor Daley's Dumpster Task Force late Monday after health inspectors followed up on a complaint.

What they found included more than 150 mice droppings and 50 rat droppings and some live cockroaches. At further inspection, the Task Force discovered the grease disposal container had been neglected and cigarettes were being smoked in the basement. And the restaurant didn't have an on-site certified food manager.

The restaurant, which was called Big Buns & Pita but changed its name to Sahara Kabob (although people seem to refer to it by both names), was shut down immediately. The owners cannot re-open until they address the major issue of inadequate pest control.

Sahara Kabob

6649 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL

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