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Revolution Brewing Working on New Production Facility; Expanding Brewpub

Josh Deth at Revolution Brewing
Josh Deth at Revolution Brewing
Photo: Beer, Mostly.

There are some exciting things brewing over at Revolution Brewing Company, and we aren't just referring to their tasty ales. Managing partner Josh Deth has started a few "new revolutions" in order to make his brews even more accessible.

The Revolution Brewing team recently signed a lease for a 35,000 square-foot production brewery that will allow them to increase production and further distribute their beer. Distribution will start with Cook County and will eventually expand beyond, without limitations. Don't expect all of this to happen too fast though, as Deth emphasizes, "the key to craft business is growing it slowly."

The facility, located near Kedzie and Belmont, should open in about a year and will feature a tasting room where you can sample and purchase the beers. The facility will be equipped to produce cans, 22-ounce bottles and draft beer. Production will start with three of their more popular beers, Anti-Hero IPA, Bottom Up Belgian Wit and Eugene Porter, with the hope to eventually get to 12 year-round brews.

"People like choice and variety, and we pride ourselves on having reliable, well-liked beer," says Deth. And we'll soon start seeing Revolution's beers on tap at many bars and restaurants in the city. Unfortunately, Deth wasn't ready to say where just yet, but did affirm that the brewing team will continue to be creative with some of their more intense and unique brews and some of the beers will remain exclusive to the brewpub.

Speaking of the brewpub, a second floor space will open on June 1 and will increase seating by about 130. The "Hop Room," as it's called, will also be available for private parties ranging from 50 to 130 people. The second level will also have its own kitchen. Deth plans to hold Brewmaster dinners in the space, and with a 10 feet by 20 feet performance stage, live music and other events will pop up down the line.

Revolution Brewing Company

2323 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL

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