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Inflatable Mermaids; Weddings for under $5,000; More!

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And now the latest from Racked Chicago, covering everything you need to know about the city's shopping, style and retail from the sidewalks up.


ANDERSONVILLEYarnies unite at Windy Knitty: a new neighborhood hangout

RIVER NORTHSix fashion designers embark on a battle fit only for reality (web) TV

EVERYWHERE—A window trend we're going Gaga for: Inflatables ? and we're not talking about the dolls.

GOLD COAST—British clothing label Allsaints announces a massive Michigan Ave. flagship.

WICKER PARK—Organically focused flower shop Pistil & Vine opens on Damen.

EVERYWHERE—And last but not least: Your loyal Racked correspondents give tips on how to have a fabulous Chicago wedding for less than $5,000.