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Fork is Better for Drinks; Duchamp Burger Falls Short; Bistronomic is Simple

Photo: BeerMenus

Heather Shouse thinks the move to change Fiddlehead Café to Fork was a good one even if the name isn’t reflective of the large booze selection. She suggests the name “glass” because with 200 beers and 300 wines “the epic booze book loudly calls out shotgun while relegating the food menu to riding bitch.” However, due to the amount of sampling you may do to work through the list, Shouse appreciates the solid burger and the “garlicky, greasy fries that double as hangover prevention.” Although the menu is lengthy, this place makes for a better “low-key stop for a few sessions of Beer Styles 101.” [TOC]

Daniel Zemans of Serious Eats has high expectations for the acclaimed burger at Duchamp, but thinks the execution needs work. The presentation was great, but upon first cut he knew there would be trouble. “The essentially crustless patty wasn't rubber-chewy, but eating the burger required more work than is acceptable.” The juice from the rare burger also “half destroyed the bottom bun.” The highlights of the burger were the good quality meat, nice bun, and the soft, buttery Havarti cheese. It was clear a lot of thought went into the burger, but unfortunately Zemans’ feels “someone has to take great plans and turn them into reality for them to really matter?and that didn’t happen.” [A Hamburger Today]

David Tamarkin likes Bistronomic but finds the menu to be quite simple. He enjoys the “notably smooth country paté” and favors the warm cheeses off the cheese menu. Things can get a “little boring” with no surprises on the menu or on the plates, and you get a “nagging déjà-vu" that “you’ve been here before.” The service and atmosphere seemed “sleepy” with a dim room and somewhat slow service. Despite all of that, there is something that seems to be “compelling” enough to make you want to stay. [TOC]


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