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Is This the End of the World? Or Just the Start of Baconfest?

It may not be fire and brimstone or even the 10 plagues, but when bacon starts falling from the sky, it's time to start praying—praying that some will fall into your mouth. There are signs everywhere: bacon gets tossed into a busker's guitar case; pink pigs float by like clouds; chefs wander around aimlessly having visions of porcine goodness. Is this the end of the world? If it involves eating a lot of bacon, then sign us up. Or at least try to get tickets to Baconfest, the great crispy pork fest happening next month. It won't be easy; the fest sold out quickly.

The Chicago Reader created this kick-ass video to promote Baconfest, featuring Rick Gresh, Patrick Sheerin, Chris Pandel and Stephanie Izard, as well as an "end is near" bacon prophet wielding a Bacon Manifesto. We know your day is busy, but take three minutes to watch. You'll be happy you did. (Thanks to the Feast for bringing this to our attention.)

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