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Paul Kahan, Michael Carlson, Charles Joly & More Set for Redmoon's Spectacle Lunatique

On March 12, performers of all kinds will come together to dazzle and amaze the crowds at Redmoon Theater's annual Spectacle Lunatique. The one-of-a-kind fundraiser will showcase the performance group's "spectacle elements," things like the "table lady" and the "wine bike," which to try to describe either wouldn't do them justice. Just imagine a person riding around inside a roving wine dispenser and you get an idea. They'll premiere some new things, like Redmoon's Youth Spectacle, which will launch officially in May.

But a real draw for anyone buying either VIP (starting at 6:30 p.m) or individual tickets (starting at 8:30) will be treated to food from some of the city's top chefs—and a slew of Michelin-starrred chefs to boot—including Paul Kahan (Blackbird), Michael Carlson (Schwa), Giuseppe Tentori (Boka) and Andrew Zimmerman (Sepia).

A number of other top chefs, including Stephanie Izard, Jimmy Bannos, Jr., Bill Kim, Randy Zweiban, Chris Pandel and Mindy Segal will be joined by mixologist Charles Joly and pastry chef Jessie Oloroso for a fantastic tasting event.

Redmoon's Sean Kaplan sought out some of these chefs specifically, like Carlson. He said he would hit Schwa during a busy service time just so he could get some face time. Once he did, he said hooking him was easy. "I literally had to camp out and go in there at times when I knew he'd be there," Kaplan said. "When I met him he was one of the most friendly, genuine guys I had met. I told him what the mission was and he said he doesn't do benefits, but he liked what I proposed and said he was a fan of Redmoon."

Tickets for the VIP portion run between $650 and $2,500; the individual tickets go for $175. Redmoon is also offering a $50 late-night ticket that gains you entry at 10:30 for the dance party with drinks and dessert that goes until 1 a.m. You can get tickets online.

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