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Lettuce Wine Cellars to Launch Online Later this Year

A unique wine experience is headed for Illinois and it's coming to a computer near you. Master Sommelier Alpana Singh and the wine experts at Lettuce Entertain You are launching an online wine store called Lettuce Wine Cellars later this year, likely in the summer or fall. This is definitely not your typical wine store, as it will feature a different wine region or theme that rotates each month. The wines will be hand selected, tasted and approved by the team based on their vast knowledge of wine and the particular region. Think of them as your personal sommelier. All of the wines will come from boutique wineries around the world that are not often found in Illinois. The site will usually only feature six wines at a time.

The wines will not be sold by the bottle, but rather in packs. For those who are interested in just getting an overview of that particular region's wine, they can choose the "discovery" pack of two bottles. Want to dig a little deeper? The "explorer" pack contains four bottles, and if you are truly enthusiastic, you can choose the appropriately named "enthusiast" six bottle pack. Prices will vary, but the goal is to have the wine be a good value for the money, and accessible to as many wine lovers as possible.

It's not just about tasting good wines, but the overall experience. Singh emphasized that she "not only wants you to enjoy the bottle, but have something to take away long after the bottle is gone." Education is a key part of this. Literature will be included with the wines and the website will give you good background on the particular theme or region. Expect videos and blog posts that will take you through the selection process of the wine. The goal is to make wines fun and accessible, enhancing the drinking experience and taking away the intimidation that often comes with trying new wines. Singh also plans to hold events, dinners and wine downs to continue the education and excitement.

The wines are exclusive to the Lettuce Wine Cellars, but don't be surprised if you see a favorite selection featured as a special on the wine list at one of the Lettuce Entertain You restaurants down the line, once it has disappeared from the site. They want to appeal to the customer, so if a wine is in high demand, if possible, they want to find a way to bring it back. If you are a part of the "Lettuce Entertain You Frequent Diner Club" expect special perks and rewards at the store.

You can follow Alpana Singh and the rest of crew to learn more about wine and their progress on the Lettuce Wine Cellar on their website, facebook or twitter.