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Frank Mnuk Hoping to Open Brigadoon in Mado Location

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Frank Mnuk is back and ready to bring a new dining concept to Wicker Park. Last we told you about Mnuk he was exiting his short lived post at Pensiero. Prior to that he served as executive chef at Bistro Bordeaux. Now he is in the early stages of his new brasserie, Brigadoon, and gathering the funds he needs to build out the restaurant in the former Mado location.

The style and focus will revolve around the "Slow Food" concept, with the food reflective of Midwestern influence with classic French flavors. Mnuk is open to inspiration from around the world, but wants Brigadoon to stay pretty true to its identity, using high quality ingredients, that whenever possible, are grown, made or raised locally. Mnuk hopes to give diners "an undiluted taste of the countryside."

The brasserie will seat 70, with an additional 20 seats at the bar. Mnuk envisions the spot turning into a popular place where people will come to enjoy good food and savor fine wine in a casual setting.

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