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$225 Burger; Square Kegs; Pizzeria Via Stato's Lunch Deal

RIVER NORTH—The PR guys call it the "most luxurious indulgence to hit Chicago." We call it the most expensive burger in the city. Whatever you call it, beginning tomorrow, David Burke's Primehouse is serving up a $225 patty melt that consists of a 40-day dry-aged burger topped with caramelized ramps, Hostettler Bergblumenkaese cheese, seared foie gras and shaved black truffles.

LINCOLN SQUARE—It's hip to be square at tonight's Square Kegs event in Lincoln Square, where craft brew buffs can sample beers from home brewers and craft brewers. The kegs will be tapped at 7PM, and a $15 donation is requested. [Lincoln Square Chamber of Commerce]

RIVER NORTH—Pizzeria Via Stato has a new lunch program. Under the "Just Bring Me Lunch!" deal, you can get a three-course (soup, sandwich and chocolate tart) meal for $9.95. Add $4, and you can sub out the sandwich for a pizza. [EaterWire]